Pre-Summit Workshops

ALPMA will host 4 pre-summit workshops on Wednesday, 11 September 2024 at the BCEC.  These will run alongside ALTACON.
Workshop attendees will also be able to access ALTACON sessions on the Wednesday and attend Happy Hour drinks on Wednesday evening.

To register for a pre-summit workshop you need to select a registration type that includes ALTACON.  You will then have the option to select the workshops you wish to attend.  Workshops are $100 each and you can attend a maximum of two.

Morning Workshop - 9.00am to 12.30pm

Cyber Security Workshop - Walk out more secure than you walked in.

Annie Haggar, Founder and Principal, Cyber GC

Annie Haggar is the founder and principal of Cyber GC - a legal and consulting firm dedicated to helping businesses prepare, defend and respond to cybersecurity threats.

Annie is a multi-award-winning cybersecurity lawyer. She spent 12 years as legal counsel for one of the world’s largest companies, including 6 years as global legal lead for its managed security business, now one of the largest cybersecurity companies in the world. She has 20 years of experience advising government and private sector clients in technology law, enterprise security risk, procurement security considerations, global security regulation, and cybersecurity risk in mergers and acquisitions.

This hands-on workshop will provide attendees with the practical knowledge and skills to improve their own and their firm's cyber security right there in the room.  The 3.5 hour deep-dive cyber security workshop will cover:

Cyber security for lawyers and law firms - Hear about cyber security for lawyers from a cyber lawyer who also runs a firm - the facilitator Annie Haggar, an award-winning cyber security lawyer will share her insights in how to triage cyber security for law firms small to large.

Take away: key policies and processes to implement at your firm to help keep it secure.

Managed Security Services: understanding your outsourced IT and if they are keeping you secure -  hear from ALPMA’s official Cyber Security Partner AUCloud. AUCloud’s Managing Cyber Security Consultant Artem Feroulev will discuss the Governance, Risk and Compliance needed for Australian law firms and the practical ways law firms can increase their cyber security posture.

Take away: key questions to ask your IT service provider to understand if they are keeping you secure, and what to look for in managed security services.

Password Hygiene: your first line of defence -  If you do one thing to secure your firm, passwords are it. Poor password practices are at the hard of so many breaches, and its an easy and non-technical fix. It is also everyone's responsibility. Hear from LastPass about best practice password strategies, and learn how to set up password managers for yourself and your firm.

Take away: a password manager for yourself, set up and ready to go on your phone and your laptop, helping you to create and remember complex passwords

Insurance: your lifeline in a breach: Cyber insurance won't save you from a breach (or will it)?… but it may just save the firm when you have one. But if you've ever looked into getting cyber insurance you'll know its not easy - so many technical questions! Hear from Cyber insurer Coalition about what types of cyber insurance are available, what cover they provide and how they help the firm in a breach (did you know they provide incident responders!).  Best of all, get help with those complex technical questions you need to answer when applying for insurance.

Take aways: a cyber risk assessment for your firm, and a start on a cyber insurance quote (that can be completed while you're at the conference). 

No technical skills or prior experience is needed. Bring yourself, your phone and your laptop and get ready to be secured.

Morning Workshop - 9.00am to 12.30pm

The Great Recharge! A refreshingly different take on wellbeing at work

Kathryn Jackson, Director, Careerbalance Ltd

Kathryn Jackson describes herself as a "polite disruptor" when it comes to navigating life's turbulence and choosing health. She firmly believes that we have an opportunity to radicalise the way we are building wellbeing into our lives, and our workplaces.   

Kathryn is a leadership coach, facilitator and author with over 25 years of consulting and coaching experience. Former corporate employers include Andersen’s, Ernst & Young, and the Bank of Scotland, so she totally understands the importance of learning how to thrive in a high performing and hugely demanding industry. 

With a Masters, a Fellowship and credentials from the Oxford School of Coaching, and the EMCC you are in experienced and qualified company. Kathryn's own personal and professional experience rebuilding the region of Canterbury, NZ led to an unexpected understanding of how we can enjoy mostly good days, even if we work in a hugely demanding industry.  

Her legacy and work are shared in several books, workshop programmes and online learning, mentoring for wellbeing champions and she regularly contributes to international publications and podcasts.

Sharon Kilmartin, Director, Step in Coaching Ltd

Sharon Kilmartin joined The Great Recharge facilitation team in 2021 and has delivered programs with clients from both the corporate and not for profit sector. She is passionate about building a supportive learning environment and driving positive cultural shifts, so bringing The great Recharge to Australia was an easy decision for her - a factor reflected by feedback which reflects her extreme professionalism.

Clients also regularly commend her genuine care for individuals that attend The Great Recharge, and this approach is deepened through her Mental Health First Aid accreditation.

With a background in corporate learning, coaching & consulting, Sharon thrives when designing and delivering learning solutions that help others to thrive at work and therefore enjoys bringing these award-winning, interactive workshops to life with her facilitation, coaching and mentoring skills.

As an accredited Strengths Profile practitioner, certified Coach, and holding a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and Diploma of Frontline Management, Sharon is perfectly placed to help you design an empowering and impactful learning experience at work.

“The Great Recharge framework has been a game changer in building the wellbeing discussion into our team culture”, Practice Manager attendee ALPMA 2022 

It’s time to stop waiting until we hit rock bottom before we look after ourselves, and our teams because wellbeing is no longer an optional extra, it’s a strategic differentiator. 

But it must go way beyond food, fitness, and a conversation about simply being OK. It must build a culture that has health at its core.

  • Healthy leaders make better decisions. 
  • Healthy employees build stronger client relationships. 
  • Healthy teams navigate stressful times together more effectively. 

If you’re serious about building the personal and professional capability to remain competitive into the future, then this workshop is the one to attend.

You will no doubt hear from every presenter at this ALPMA summit that the pace of change is not going to slow down – so you need people who know how to adapt when times get tough. 

The Great Recharge began life during the rebuild of Canterbury, New Zealand where the programme founder, Kathryn Jackson was curious about one simple question: What are the characteristics of people who thrive when times get tough, rather than those who simply survive? Her “lessons learned” became a book Resilience at Work (Routledge, 2018) thanks to collaborations with crisis support organisations, like NZ Red Cross and academic research teams in the region.

Following the success of Resilience at Work, she brought her book to life in a series of workshops that are now winning awards, taking out the NZATD Best Skills Based Learning award in NZ, 2023. The World Economic Forum (and other notable organisations) highlight WHAT skills we need to develop, but they don’t consider HOW to do this.

This is where The Great Recharge makes the biggest difference.

Afternoon Workshop - 1.30pm to 5.00pm

Mastering Marketing with AI

Leanne Shelton, Director, Write Time Marketing

Leanne Shelton is an international ChatGPT trainer, keynote speaker, and human copywriter.

With her 9-year-old SEO copywriting agency, Write Time Marketing, struggling to convert leads in a tough economic climate, Leanne made the ultimate business pivot in May 2023. She decided to embrace (not escape) her shiny, new, and free competitor, ChatGPT.

Leanne quickly became a sought-after keynote speaker for summits and conferences, with multiple requests to run webinars, workshops, one-on-one sessions, and in-house organisational training.

Featured in The Australian, ABC News, 6PR Perth Radio, Disrupt Radio, and various podcasts, she’s recognised as an AI Expert by LinkedIn Australia editors and Kate Toon’s Digital Marketing Collective Membership. In addition, Leanne hosts ‘The AI Train’ Podcast (formerly co-hosted with Tim King).

Outside of work life, Leanne is a newly converted running enthusiast, lover of dance, occasional yogi and meditator, engrossed reader of business books and psychological thrillers, a dedicated wife, and frazzled mum to two daughters.

An interactive, informative, and creative session featuring both AI training and implementation with International ChatGPT Trainer and Human Copywriter, Leanne Shelton.

  • Focus on marketing strategy (internal purposes) and content creation (external)
  • Limitations and opportunities - and how to keep it legal
  • ChatGPT basics - free vs paid
  • Training GenAI (like ChatGPT) to understand your audience, company background, and brand voice
  • Effective ways to develop strategy and content for websites, articles, emails, webinars, and more
  • Group work on mock company projects

Afternoon Workshop - 1.30pm to 5.00pm

Financial Wellbeing

Tony Dodd, Client Services Manager, legalsuper

Tony is a Client Service Manager and started at legalsuper in 2018. He is based in Brisbane and has been in the financial service industry since the early 1980s. He enjoys helping people understands the complexity around superannuation and how small changes make a huge difference to an individual's savings in retirement.

Unlocking Financial Success: Empowering Law Firms and Their Employees

In the dynamic and demanding legal industry, financial well-being and wealth management are often overlooked, yet they play a pivotal role in the overall success and satisfaction of law firms and their employees. This comprehensive 3-hour presentation aims to equip you with the knowledge and strategies necessary to navigate the intricate world of financial literacy & wellbeing, on a path to securing your financial future.

Unveiling the Fundamentals of Financial Well-being

Through a series of insightful sessions, we will delve into the fundamental principles of financial well-being, exploring practical techniques and strategies to help you navigate financial wellbeing. Attendees will gain valuable insights into creating a solid financial foundation, enabling them to make informed decisions that align with their personal and professional goals.

Superannuation Engagement: The Key to Financial Security

Moreover, we will explore the intricate relationship between financial well-being and superannuation engagement to provide you with the tools and knowledge to assist you attain better outcomes in retirement. By fostering a culture of financial literacy and providing resources to assist in attaining financial goals, law firms can cultivate a motivated and productive workforce. Engaged employees are not only more productive but also more likely to remain loyal to the firm, reducing costly turnover and ensuring long-term success.

Practical Strategies and Case Studies

Join us on this transformative journey to explore the secrets of financial well-being and implementing effective superannuation strategies through easy-to-understand case study examples. Discover how these powerful tools can help create a thriving and financially secure environment for both you, your law firm, and your valued employees.

Empowering, Enabling and Evolving Your Future

Unlock the path to financial success by attending this comprehensive workshop. Gain the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the complexities of financial literacy including superannuation to empower law firms and its employees to achieve their financial goals. Invest in your future today and secure a prosperous tomorrow.

This information is of a general nature. Please refer to the legalsuper PDS & TMD available at before making any decision. Past performance is not a guide to future performance,

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