Technical Tour 

Join in the SW Victoria Conference Technical Tour on Thursday, 6 June  to visit exciting stormwater infrastructure around San Remo! The bus tour will include a picnic lunch. Stops on the tour are focused on showcasing the unique regional stormwater challenges and solutions around San Remo. The tour itinerary is in the process of being finalised. However, confirmed locations include:

 The Cape Wonthaggi – Winner of the Premier’s Sustainability Awards 2021, the Cape development integrates stormwater infrastructure into its design to promote amenity. The Cape’s mission is environmental sustainability, and the stormwater infrastructure is a key component of achieving its sustainability goals. The tour will visit the development’s stormwater infrastructure and learn about how it is functioning.

 Western Port Seagrass Partnership mangrove plantings – The Western Port Seagrass Partnership is a not-for-profit organisation that acts as advocates and champions for Western Port by promoting positive partnership actions across agencies, councils, businesses, private property holders, and the regional community. The partnership has been undertaking sea grass and mangrove planting for more than 10 years with the goal of better understanding how to protect the unique ecosystem of Western Port. The exact stop for the tour is still being finalised. Recent mangrove plantings have occurred in Western Port near Grantville and Lang Lang South.

 Bass Coast Shire Council manages drainage and stormwater around San Remo. Stormwater locations of interest to be included in the technical tour are currently being finalised with Council.

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