The 2022 Stormwater Victoria Conference: Reconnecting, Reflecting & Reshaping was held at Novotel in Geelong Victoria on Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th June, 2022.

The Conference will bring together thought leaders and innovators, and provide opportunities for the industry to share successes, as well as provide education that can be used to provide tangible benefits for the communities, businesses and environment that we all share.

The Conference program will include two days of multi-stream sessions as well as a co-located trade exhibition, providing an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest in product innovation. It will also feature the annual Stormwater Victoria Conference Dinner, to be held on the evening of Tuesday 7th June.

There is nothing quite like a pandemic to facilitate change, compel us to rethink our priorities, and above all, work together to achieve a common goal as a broader community. 

When thinking of what we wanted the 2022 Stormwater Victoria Conference to bring, what came to our minds above all was reconnecting with a community and industry that relies on cooperation and collaboration to thrive. Equally important, we wanted to use this time of reconnecting with our peers, to reflect on the lessons over the last few years and determine how we use those lessons to reshape our future. The lengths that people on a global scale have been prepared to go to keep each other safe is truly heart-warming and after close to two years in this state, has shown us how resilient our communities really are, how adaptable we can be and that our waterways and green spaces are not “nice to haves” but critical parts of our communities; providing central points for culture, connection and the environment.   

As we try to come back and find our ‘new normal’, we know that a lot of the challenges we faced still remain. Climate change continues to loom, population growth continues to grow and events, like the bushfires that devastated Victoria and New South Wales in 2020 or the record-breaking floods in the East of Australia earlier this year, have exposed the vulnerability of our systems. Resilience and adaptability continue to be as important as ever.   

With many competing factors in the wider industry, bringing issues relating to water quality and quantity management to the table can be a difficult task. This Conference wishes to explore ways in which we can

  • Reconnect with the stormwater and broader community to refresh, learn, inspire and create 
  • Reflect on the innovative activities that have been happening in all facets of the stormwater industry 
  • Reshape  how we look to the future and imagine what our  water future needs to look like for the enjoyment of generations to come

We look forward to reconnecting with everyone at the conference and focusing on the future.

Rachelle Adamowicz
Conference Convenor
2022 Stormwater Victoria Conference

Geelong, Victoria

Conference Convenor


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