Welcome to the Reframing Autism 2023 Conference

Reframing Autism is excited to welcome you to our 2023 Conference on Innovations in Autism Education: Neuroinclusive, neuroaffirming schooling. This event will be held on Thursday 23 and Friday 24 February, 2023 in an online platform to allow us to bring together presenters and delegates from around Australia and the globe. 

This conference explores innovations in the way we educate our Autistic children for their wellbeing and educational success. Over two days, the conference will examine two pillars of inclusion – social-emotional inclusion and pedagogical inclusion – to explore how teachers, support staff and educational leaders can work together to create neuroinclusive, neuroaffirming environments, which actively support Autistic children – and, indeed, all children and staff – to thrive. 

Drawing on both research and the lived experiences of teachers and thought leaders, including Autistic educators, the conference will map out a blueprint for supporting Autistic students, and their peers and educators. 

With presenters from across Australia and the world, we will explore what is necessary for Autistic children to thrive in classrooms, and what best practice looks like for Autistic students. 

From theoretical underpinnings to practical strategies, these two days will provide researchers, teachers, educational leaders, and all school staff with the principles to guide approaches to Autistic wellbeing and learning at all levels. 

While the primary audience for the conference is educational leaders (from both schools and departments) and teachers, the presentations will be equally relevant for school support staff and parents. 

Although this conference can function as two, single-day, focussed symposia for those unable to join us for the full conference, our intention is to explore holistically the principles necessary to achieve genuine educational inclusion, and to build a full picture of the conditions necessary for success, across the two days. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the Reframing Autism 2023 Conference in February 2023!


The Conference Committee 
Reframing Autism 2023

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